Welcome to v1 of the National Statistical API.

The National Statistical API is a REST-ful data service offering real-time and historical data on 18 national, international and collegiate competition levels of basketball, baseball and hockey. It is owned and operated by National Statistical, which has been offering sports data services since 2007.

This is a paid service limited to National Statistical customers who have purchased Full Pass, Monthly Full Pass or API Plus packages. Customers who have purchased lifetime Sport Passes have access to content related to the sports covered by their pass(es).

All accounts at receive 100 free API tokens in order to test the system before making a decision about purchasing a subscription. Please refer to our subscription page for available packages and current discounts.

The design of our databases and delivery systems is ©2007-2019 National Statistical. Usage of this system and provided services grants a non-exclusive commercial license for any and all data retrieved via our websites and API. We are not responsible for any data or financial loss/damages that arise from use of our systems; please refer to our disclaimer for more information on liability, warranties and exceptions/exclusions. Also please refer to our policies on API abuse.